FF Advance Server – Download OB45 For Android 2024

FF Advance Server is a program offered by the Free Fire game which allows its players to test out the new content which has not been released yet. To get more into the details, you can say that the Free Fire Advance server was built for beta testing. It is only for selected players. If you wish to play on this server, you have to do the registration. 

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When a game like Free Fire becomes so much popular, the developers release their updates very often. Besiding testing the new updates themselves, the developers of FF download OB45 now release beta updates, so that their best players can register for it and test out the new features. This whole thing is done to get feedback. FF Advance Server download serves the same purpose for its developers.

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Info Table Free Fire Advance Server

Name FF Advance Server
Latest OBOB45
Activation CodeAvailable
Advance Server Rewards 3000 Diamonds
Advance Server Open07-06-2024
Advance Server Close21-06-2024
Downloads14.2 M Downloads
Rating 4.4+

What FF Advance Server Offers?

  • It enables you to communicate with the developers and the best players of the game.
  • You can report bugs in the game.
  • You can provide feedback about how you feel about the new content.
  • One can also give suggestions on what should be added.
  • You get to test the new features that are not available in the main version.
  • Its purpose is to help the developers but they also give you 1000 diamonds for free if you find a bug.
  • You become a part of the community of the free fire players.
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Why Should You Download FF Advance Server?

If you are a beginner, then we will not suggest that you download Free Fire OB45. But if you are a pro, this is a must for you.

It is because you get to test new things that are not present in the official version and you can already get good at the things which are shown in beta version or simply FF Advance Server. 

The developers are more concerned with the feedback, so only a player who is good at the FF Advance download or who is playing it for a while can give detailed feedback about the new content.

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FF Advance Server Registration Process

There’s a process involved in signing up for the FF Advance Server and you have got to complete it to get it.

  • At first, you have to go to the official site of Free Fire Advance server, which is: https://ff-advance.ff.garena.com/ 
  • Once you are on the webpage, click on login from Facebook or Google. 
  • You should sign up from the platform with which you have created your account with.
  • After that, You will be redirected to a new page, where you have to fill in the information for the signup. 
  • Click on “join now” after entering the required fields. 
  • If your account is selected for the Advance Server Program, then you will get an email with the code.
  • Download the FF Advance Server APK and use the code given in the mail to start playing FF Advance Server.

If you are not selected, then don’t worry as we have many working codes for the activation of FF Advance Server. You can use these codes for free. They are updated regularly.

1000 Diamonds For a Bug Hunter as Reward

If you are in search of some extra diamonds, then this might be the best chance for you. The Free Fire advance server free download is offering 1000 diamonds for free. You can get these diamonds by finding a bug in the new content in FF OB45 Update download.

For instance, if you find any mistake or bug in the Advance Server, you can report it and you will be rewarded with the 1000 diamonds! If you won’t find any bugs or won’t report something wrong in the game, you won’t be able to win free 1000 diamonds.

Make sure you are active while playing the FF OB45 Advance Server APK. This is one of the free ways to get the diamonds in Free Fire, so don’t miss this chance. 

ff advance server download

Download FF Advance Server For Free

Normally, when you sign up for the registration, you receive the activation code and a download link to download the FF Advance Server APK file. To go with the simple way, just download and install the APK file and use the activation code. Downloading FF Advance Server from here is the second way.

Click on the Download button and you will be advanced to a page where you will be able to download the FF Advance Server APK file. If you don’t have any activation code, check for them on our site. We will keep them updated for you.

FF Advance Server OB45

FF Advance Server OB45 is one of the latest updates which is coming at the end of the august. Players who want to try beta testing can access it in July. They can download FF Advance Server OB45 APK from the download link given below. Note that only the players of the Advance Server will be able to access the OB45.

It will be available for everyone at the end of august. We are offering its APK file here but if you still want to download it from the official site. You can use the same process which we mentioned above for registration of FF Advance Server.

Criteria To Play With Free Fire Advance Server

To be eligible to participate in playing on the Free Fire Advance Server, you must have a verified Free Fire account linked to your real Facebook or Gmail ID. Additionally, you should be at least 18 years old. Advance Server is only accessible in specific regions around the world.

Free Fire Advance VS Free Fire

The major difference between Free Fire Advance and Free Fire is that players can use advanced features, experimental weapons, new costumes, and a bundle of skins in Free Fire Advance, which you cannot experience in the regular version of Free Fire.

Free fire advance server latest ob

What Does the FF Advance Server Have in Store for the Upcoming OB Version?

The developers of the FF Advance Server strive to stay updated with the latest OB version by improving and introducing unique features.

  • You will no longer encounter the lag and stutter issues that plagued previous versions.
  • You will experience various optimized features that enhance your gaming experience, making it smoother.
  • New unique characters will be introduced, and the number of existing characters will also increase.
  • The sensitivity of Free Fire will be adjusted according to your device, making it easier to execute headshots.

FF Advance Server’s Pros And Cons


  • The FF Advance Server offers you the opportunity to access the latest and untested Free Fire features, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents in terms of gameplay.
  • The FF Advance Server rewards you with in-game currency for playing Garena.
  • You can easily download and install it since the process is straightforward and not complicated.


  • In the Free Fire Advance Server, access is limited to invitation only, and it’s not available to the general public.
  • Participation in the server requires providing feedback; failure to do so may result in removal.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot invite others to join the Free Fire Advance Server, which may feel quite unusual.
  • When using beta versions, you may encounter bugs that could disrupt your gameplay experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A platform where you can test out new things in Free Fire even before they get released.

Participate in the program and report an actual bug to win 1000 diamonds in FF Advance Server.

Recap – FF Advance Server

Discover FF Advance Server: Get a Sneak Peek! Learn about Free Fire’s Advance Server where selected players can try out new stuff before it’s released. See what it offers, how to join, and even earn 1000 diamonds by finding problems. If you’re good at the game, this is your chance to help make it better!